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Thelma & Leah x MXMV Bracelet

The exclusive cooperation between iconic loungewear brand Thelma & Leah and Maximova Jewelry began with the friendship between founders Leah and Dari while working as models in New York City. Some years and many adventures later each of the two founded their own label in the fashion and jewelry industry. Both share the same aesthetics but also the importance for sustainable use of resources and transparency in manufacturing.

Using leftover fabrics from T&L’s production facilities in Spain the cotton bracelets are handmade in Berlin and embellished with a 18K gold-plated MXMV goddess pendant and collab’s branded button closure. 20% of sales will be donated to SFT Animal Sanctuary, a forever loving animal home in Tangier, Morocco.

• 18k gold-plated silver pendant, Height: 1cm
• 18k gold-plated silver button closure
• Handmade in Berlin using T&L recycled cotton fabrics
• Limited edition

Available options:

18k gold-plated, Red-White (€139)
18k gold-plated, Blue-Red-White (€139)
18k gold-plated, Blue-White (€139)

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