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Maximova Jewelry is based in Berlin and was founded by Dari Maximova.

Inspired by her Bulgarian upbringing and her travels around the world as a model, Dari initially started making jewelry for herself and her friends. Demand for her pieces soon started to spread beyond her friendship circles and it was only a matter of time before Maximova Jewelry was born.

The ambition is to create classic, minimal pieces, touched up with contemporary details. The pendants are motivated by the power of mother nature and its mysterious beauty. As such, they are carefully sourced from all around the world and carry an individual symbology.

‘I want people to connect to my jewelry. When you wear my pieces I want them to pronounce a part of you that may otherwise lie hidden – to bring out your inner child, to make you feel sexy, confident and free. For that reason they are meant to be worn every day – be a little companion.

I don’t see Maximova Jewelry so much as a brand, but more of a lifestyle, a statement, a community to be a part of.’