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The Lover’s Knot

This necklace is part of the second collaboration between newly opened Mallorcan Hotel Corazón and Maximova Jewelry.
Offered as necklace and pendant together, with the option to buy only the pendant.

• Thick necklace: 18K gold-plated brass, 53 cm
• Thin necklace: 18K gold-plated silver, 59 cm
• Pendant: 18K gold-plated silver, 3 x 1.7 cm

Ring can be opened to add other pendants.

Available options:

Thick Necklace & Pendant, 18K gold-plated brass (€319)
Thin Necklace & Pendant, 18K gold-plated silver (€319)
Pendant only, 18K gold-plated silver (€119)
Pendant only , silver (€99)
Thin Necklace & Pendant, silver (€290)

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