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The Minni Silver

What The Minni may lack in size it more than makes up for in seductive beauty and femininity. Sometimes it’s the little things…
Its form is a sea snail shell found in the Phillipines.

• Material: Sterling Silver
• Chain: 39 cm / 51 cm
• Pendant: 1.5 cm
• Clasp: 0.5 cm

Available options:

Silver, Red Ruby Stone, 39 cm (€169)
Silver, Red Ruby Stone, 51 cm (€179)
Silver, Blue Sapphire Stone, 39 cm (€169)
Silver, Blue Sapphire Stone, 51 cm (€179)
Siver, Green Tsavorit Stone, 39 cm (€169)
Silver, Green Tsavorit Stone, 51 cm (€179)

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