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Since ancient times, Quartz crystals have been considered the supreme gift of Mother Nature. Spiritual leaders, healers and scientists have all recognised and marvelled at the light and energy these crystals contain.

Clear Quartz is commonly know as ‘The Master Healer’ due to it’s ability to connect with one’s higher self and remedy physical, mental and emotional pain.

It is believed that when an individual is open and ready to receive, the crystals can communicate with the spiritual realm, allowing for fulfilment of one’s prayers, healing and spiritual growth.

Each of our crystals is combined with a necklace symbolising the power one may wish to evoke:

Red: Protection
Blue: Tranquility
Black: Magnetism

18k Gold-plated Signature Clasp
14k Gold-filled Beads
Toho Glass Beads in Red, Black and Blue


• Length: 70 cm
• Crystal: 3–5 cm

€ 179

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